MorphToons: January 2016

And that’s a wrap. I had an excellent time analyzing animation for Cartoon Brew. I finished off my run as associate editor with a thinker on Herzog, an interview with stop-motion innovators The Quay Brothers, and more. Happy cartooning!

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MorphToons: December 2015

December is always a good month for closure. I shuttered 2015 with a deep dive into virtual reality, worthy animated Oscar upstarts, and more. Roll it!

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MorphToons: November 2015

November was quite the animated month for me. Interviews, critical reviews and holidays too. You’re welcome!

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MorphToons: October 2015

Halloween found me wishing happy birthday to the one and old only Ralph Bakshi, whose fiery anti-sermon shook the toonscape. But I also had a chance to explore some compelling territory beyond Bakshi’s experienced rant. Read up!

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MorphToons: September 2015

My continuing bows to The Iron Giant, Brad Bird’s timeless masterpiece of war and peace, took over my September. But I saved time for a dive into VR, and more. Choose.

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MorphToons: August 2015

From Banksy’s tragicomic Dismaland to Studio Ghibli’s vault dive for unseen classics, my birthday month was an arty trip through visual possibility. Tune in, turn on.

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MorphToons: July 2015

I bowed to the subversive Bugs Bunny’s 75th birthday, dove headfirst into Oculus’ virtual reality rabbit hole, and much more during a sweltering, busy July, before absconding for cooler Canada. It was worth it.

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