Oil Gives Solar a Moment in the Sun

You know you’ve arrived when the bigshots pay [...]

Cli-Fi Is Real

Cli-fi is the cultural prism through which we monitor and experience ourselves as we bleed our planet dry while trying to become [...]

US-China War Bad News for Home Solar

Now that the White House and the Environmental Protection Agency have issued rules regulating dirty emissions from power plants, you’d figure that the global solar sector would go supernova. You’d be wrong.

Less than a week after the release of that reportedly historic plan to take catastrophic global warming seriously, the U.S. Department of Commerce slapped [...]

Opower Takes Top Rank for Home Energy Management Providers

Delivering solar power to homes is crucial for building out a green infrastructure that slashes emissions to beat back climate change. But getting renewable energy to the home is only half the battle. Efficiently managing how we use (and abuse) our sun’s daily largesse is just as important.

Arlington-headquartered Opower is the best of the bunch, [...]

Can Rewiring the Home for DC Power Increase Solar Adoption?

AC/DC evidently can just get along, long after Thomas Edison and Nikolai Tesla’s bitter war over standards favoring alternating current (AC) vs. direct current (DC) electricity in the early 20th century. Inside our solar homes, businesses and universities, to be exact.

That’s the plan and the party line for the public-private EMerge Alliance, whose DC Power [...]

The Winners and Losers in U.S. Energy Efficiency Rankings

American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy’s state energy efficiency scorecard is out, and the winners remains winners while the losers are losing [...]

Home-Automation Tech Neurio Promises a Smart, Efficient Home

For all the hype, smart housing is still in search of greater data integration and analysis. Enter Neurio, an impressive home automation Kickstarter project that’s kicking the butt of its original goal of $95,000: With just under 24 hours to go in its funding cycle, Neurio has raised more than C$235,000 already. The enthusiasm is [...]