Neil Gaiman (Finally) Gets His Biopic

Neil Gaiman is also one of the nicest people on [...]

Watcher, Marvel Comics' Galactic Voyeur, Falls

[Photo: Marvel Comics]

Happy Birthday, Charles Darwin!

Who\\\'s The Greatest Lex Luthor Ever?

Happy Sunday, comics jockeys! Superman/Batman: Public Enemies finally arrives this month, and it’s bringing the baddest Lex Luthor of all time. Disagree? Read my defense on Wired, and let me know who you think is better. Or is that badder?

Anthrax + Lobo = Violent Comics Hilarity

Back at it, after a week fighting off a fucked up stomach flu. I sure could have used a murderous lunatic to help me kill it off. Hey, why not Lobo?

What’s that you say? He’s been too busy starring in a forthcoming comic written by Anthrax thrasher Scott Ian? Oh sorry, I didn’t know that.

Wait, [...]

Cult Status, Comic Sales Could Boost Watchmen Box Office

Yes, even more Watchmen coverage. After all the armchair quarterbacking about the film’s box office opening, I couldn’t resist. Will the film flop before summer hits? Or will it be the next Brazil. Read on for the answer:

Kyle Baker Takes Alice Through The Glass

Classics Illustrated still makes sweet comics, especially when its narratives nab compatible visuals. Rick Geary’s dispassionate pen has blessed the new Papercutz series, a pairing that has been explored before in an interview with Geary on Morphizm.

But now it is Kyle Baker’s turn to take a stone-cold literary classic down the rabbit hole.

Comix: Andy Singer\'s Microclimate Foreplay

An introduction. Comic artist Andy Singer is a pal of Morphizm’s, and hits us with comics all the time. We’ve talked before about the state of the world and visual art, and will again. Look for his panels to show up on the new Morphizm with regularity. This time around, Singer offers up twin visions [...]