Phantom Boy Takes Flight

From the phenomenal GKIDS and makers of A Cat in [...]

Stop Running Away From Global Warming, Fort McMurray

Fort McMurray is predictably swallowed by a sprawling [...]

Prince Handles Helen, Obama, Chuck D, Animaniacs

@MrChuckD @POTUS

— Scott Thill (@morphizm) May 1, 2016

Look who popped up while my daughter and I were watching Animaniacs.

— Scott Thill (@morphizm) May 1, 2016

MorphToons: January 2016

I had a great time covering animation for Cartoon Brew. I finished my run as associate editor with a thinker on Herzog, an interview with stop-mo innovators The Quay Brothers, and more.

“We Left the Door Ajar, and Christopher Nolan Slipped In:” An Interview With The Brothers Quay

Fans of stop-motion surrealism who haven’t been able [...]

MorphToons: December 2015

December is good for closure. I shuttered 2015 with a dive into virtual reality, Oscar upstarts, and more.

4 Potential Oscar Upsets in the Animated Feature Category

The Annie Awards and the Golden Globes were in unanimous agreement this year on their feature animation nominees, and therefore the animation industry’s awards-season focus is dominated by Pixar’s Inside [...]

MorphToons: November 2015

November was quite the animated month. Interviews, reviews, holidays too.

Stitching Together an Animated Leap of Faith: An Interview With The Prophet Director Roger Allers

Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet, a GKIDS release, is one of 2015’s most compelling films, but it also happens to be one of the historical highlights of anthology animation.

With supervising animation director and [...]

MorphToons: October 2015

Halloween found me wishing happy birthday to the one and old only Ralph Bakshi, whose anti-sermon shook the toonscape.

I Love Animators, I Just Want Them to Wake Up: A Birthday Interview With Ralph Bakshi

Legendary animation outsider Ralph Bakshi celebrated his 77th birthday yesterday with a defiant cartoon comeback called Last Days of Coney Island.

“I did [...]

MorphToons: September 2015

My continuing bow to The Iron Giant, Brad Bird’s timeless masterpiece of war and peace, commandeered my September.

Ken Duncan On Creating New Scenes for The Iron Giant: Signature Edition

The Iron Giant: Signature Edition, director Brad Bird’s remastered masterpiece of war, peace, and paranoia, returns at last to theaters, with new scenes courtesy of Duncan Studio.

“Working [...]

MorphToons: August 2015

From Banksy’s tragicomic Dismaland to Studio Ghibli’s vault, my birthday month was an arty head trip.

Look Inside Dismaland, Banksy’s Bleak New Theme Park

Art provocateur Banksy has transformed a derelict English seafront lido called the Tropicana into his largest art project to date, a phantasmagoric installation called Dismaland — with the help of artists including Damien [...]

MorphToons: July 2015

I bowed to Bugs Bunny’s 75th birthday, dove into Oculus’ VR hole, and more, before absconding for Canada. Worth it.

Happy 75th Birthday, Bugs Bunny! Here’s 7.5 Times You Changed Cartoons Forever

Whether he’s the destabilizing force of Merrie Melodies and Looney Tunes’ glory days, or more centered in contemporary reboots that can’t measure up, Bugs Bunny [...]

MorphToons: June 2015

Going with my Geek the Beatles flow, I kicked off my first month as Cartoon Brew’s associate editor with an exclusive on the late, great John Lennon.

John Lennon Sketchbook Makes Official Online Debut

Created six years after John Lennon’s assassination in 1980, Yoko Ono and Oscar-winning animator and historian John Canemaker’s cartoon short John Lennon Sketchbook [...]