Yellow Light Means Crash and Burn, Suckers

Sure, it’s a hyperbolic title, but the sentiment is real enough. As I reported for AlterNet today, cities across not just America but the world are shortening yellow lights in order to create more ticket revenue from suckered drivers running gamed red lights.

The simple civic problem is that those cities are creating more lethal accidents than they are avoiding. In short, they are incentivizing deadly collisions. Meanwhile, the more culturally complex issue is the unceasing capitalization of surveillance, where the citizenry is stuck in a panopticon that not only tracks its every movement, but assigns a dollar value to it as well. And plans, by any means necessary, to cash in.

A note: Since the piece has blown up on HuffPo and even Roger Ebert’s Twitter feed, I have to give a shout-out to my AlterNet editor Jan Frel. Investigating stop-light surveillance was his idea, and the same goes for highlighting the egregious practice of shortening yellow lights. In total, he and I put together two major pieces for AlterNet showing this fucked-up state of affairs. The first is one is here, and the second, published today, is after the jump. Step on it!

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New York Times Bites My Walkaway Rhyme

Look, New York Times: You can pay me for my cultural and political insights. People already do. Seriously. Like when you posted that article today advising underwater homeowners to walk away from their worthless mortgages? Dude, I wrote that a year ago. And then this year. It’s common knowledge now, which is not an insult. What is an insult? Not hiring me. Seriously. Also, I’m kidding.

Now that New York Times is on the walkaway train, along with most of the mainstream financial press, the next person that looks at me sideways for suggesting it, way back then and now, is going to get slapped. By reality, at some point. Here’s the breakdown for those who’d like more information on how to get free of their mortgage slavery, from myself and the Times. Tell a friend.

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10 Way to Screw the Screwers

From economic misery and political impotence to environmental waste and social catastrophe, American culture is overburdened by nightmares. I wrote an acidic but nevertheless educational rant for AlerNet on how the citizenry lighten its load, return the screw to rapacious, and chart a way forward to a better global culture. But be warned: If you don’t like bad language, you’ve come to the wrong place.
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