Mr. Tiger Woods Goes to Washington

[Amy Bass, Morphizm]
I don’t care what Tiger had to say. Indeed, sitting here in Vancouver at the Winter Olympic Games, I barely listened. I was more concerned about what Bode Miller’s next fantastic move was going to be, partially because I adore Bode Miller and partially because I did not want to hear it. The world’s best golfer – and yes, I do find that to be an indisputed fact, then and now – has erred, but as I’ve written before: Tiger Woods has done nothing to us. Those that he has hurt reside within the four walls of his home. His wife. His children. His mother. Himself.

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Colbert Would Pwn Obama, Says White House

How much do I dig Stephen Colbert’s viral hyperreality? Enough to write about him every chance I get. So when White House press secretary Robert Gibbs actually comes out and admits that our president, the gifted political orator Barack Obama, probably couldn’t hold his own against Stephen Colbert? Well, that’s gold, baby. Pure gold.

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What’s the Secret of Boba Fett’s Staying Power?

Ever since he bedeviled The Empire Strikes Back, the small-time bounty hunter Boba Fett has nevertheless since bent the entire Star Wars multiverse to his will. But why? I asked the tough questions at Wired and got an eyeful from Star Wars fandom.