In a Parallel Universe, These Songs Win Oscars

From righteous rockers like Prince’s “Purple Rain” and Tenacious D’s “Kickapoo” to riotous tracks like Monty Python’s “Always Look On the Bright Side of Life” to, yes, South Park‘s Uncle Fuckers, these songs scored Academy Awards in another universe. I collected them all for Metromix recently, and it was fucking good.

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My Favorite Album Covers? Check With Filter

Hey pals, I’ve been reviewing muzak for Filter Magazine for awhile now. As usual, they ask me what my favorite this and that is for each issue. This time? Album covers. Check out my choices for best album covers ever at Filter’s site, and make sure to pick up a copy of the issue, out now. And tell the Pats to send me a shirt already!

Love Fela Kuti? Check Out the Chop Batch!

Lesson Up! Black History Month Revealed

African-Americans have contributed so much to popular music, it’s no wonder that many of them have never really received their proper due. February is Black History Month, so here’s a little musical history lesson: 15 visionary but under-appreciated black artists who have shaped our culture in immeasurable ways. Let’s appreciate them, shall we?
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