Darker My Love, 2
More reviews from the Metromix front, pals of Morphizm. I’ve been hard at work listening to good and bad stuff for them, and lucky for me I finally found some great stuff. Which is a nice way to introduce Darker My Love. A better way would be to listen to their new effort, despite its lame name. MORE

Post Up: Stereolab’s Chemical Pop, Stooges’ Gear Stolen
Here is the bad news: Some asshole stole all of The Stooges’ instruments in Montreal. But here is the good news. Stereolab has a new disc out soon, and Wired and I have landed the band’s exclusive videos. There’s a fine line between pleasure and pain. MORE

Post Up: Rush Gets Snubbed, Sony Gets Desperate
I spent a great Saturday asking the hard questions at Wired. Why hasn’t Rush been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame yet? Why would Sony charge $5000 for a reprint of Billy Joel’s contact sheet? OK, maybe those aren’t really hard questions. But you wouldn’t be able to tell that from the crazy response. MORE

Batman’s Musical Mutations
The Dark Knight is killing in the malls, and the Batman: Gotham Knight anime-mash is smoking the superhero summer silly. But I cover not film but music for Wired’s Listening Post, so today I pondered the musical legacy of the Batman franchise. And it was good. Sometimes. If you don’t count R. Kelly. Or Seal. Or… MORE

Full-Album Concerts: Which Would You Pick?
The trend is virally replicating: Bands who have received lukewarm receptions to new material, or just want to give their fans sweet treats, are now going back to the well and performing classic efforts and fulfilling the wish lists of their audiences in the process. MORE

Surfing With Rosa
In honor of the Pixies, Morphizm pays homage to their Surfer Rosa/Come On Pilgrim split, an enduring classic: MORE

Nine Inch Nails Don’t Slip
Opener “999,999″ is a glitch soundscape, while its companion “1,000,000″ is a digital stomp that evokes classic NIN tracks like “Down In It” and “Head Like a Hole.” Meanwhile, more accessible tunes like “Echoplex” and “Discipline” veer close to pop, while the chaos of “Letting You” offers something for diehards looking for a challenge. MORE

Wild Sweet Orange Tastes Like Citrus Chicken
Winsome tales of playing football in the front yard while the family falls apart on “Sour Milk.” Speaking in tongues in the bathroom on the adult-alternative weeper “Ten Dead Dogs.” Stomach aches over love and loss in the living room on “Tilt.” Can you tell Wild Sweet Orange needs to get out of the house? MORE

Amy Ray Rocks Harder
Amy Ray’s previous solo efforts “Stag” and “Prom” filtered think pieces on gender, politics and pop culture through winsome confessionals way more plugged in than her work with the Indigo Girls. Her third effort, released on her own Daemon Records label, is no different. In fact, it may be better than anything the Indigo Girls have ever done: MORE

Jam Master Paul Weller Dreams Of Sleep
Its expansiveness could easily be mistaken for schizophrenia, were it not for the anchor of Weller’s graveled, earnest voice behind each sonic adventure. Weller is all over the place here, but that is his gift: he’s always worn many hats. And who are we to tell him he should throw any of them away? MORE

On the Beach
Dream pop standouts Beach House are catching serious heat. But can they catch fire live, using only tracking and their holy sonics? MORE

Get Truthy!
Stephen Colbert’s vivisection of the stoopid Republican machine is an example of linguistics at its ballsiest. Suck on it: MORE

Present Tense
David Gedge and superhero-loving rock lifers The Wedding Present are coming straight outta L.A. on El Rey: MORE

RIP, Arthur C.
The titan mind behind HAL enters the great stream in the sky. Reality sucks onward: MORE

Past Proust
You know, adapting one of canonical literature’s most knotted yarns into a comic book just might work. Wait, it already did! MORE

Flame On!
UK journo George Monbiot has written a cool book about beating global warming. Now that’s hot: MORE

Not a Moralist
The Serbian photog Boogie has seen his fair share of the global underworld. Good thing he took pictures: MORE

Open on Oprah

Musician, actor, poet: Saul Williams does it all. Including begging Oprah to stop hating on hip-hop: MORE

No Exit
The war in Iraq stretches into forever, while American interests cash in. Mission accomplished! MORE

Reality Burns
Sickness is what you make of it. Just ask the asbestos-afflicted subjects of POV: Libby, Montana: MORE

Murder, Inc.
The Founding Fathers banned private armies. But the Bush administration turned them into cold, hard cash: MORE

Nice Bombs
You think being torn between two lovers is rough? Try being torn between two countries at war. Then we’ll talk: MORE

Dawn of Man
Christian Bale likes to feel the pain. And in Rescue Dawn, he gets more than his share with Werner Herzog: MORE

Pin is Back
It’s been a long time since the stunning Summer in Abaddon. Good thing Autumn of the Seraphs is finally here: MORE

Sicko ‘Em!
Whatever. Michael Moore’s new movie on the corrupt American healthcare system is good for you: MORE

Crow’s Nuts
The indie Tony Millionaire strip Maakies is at last making the legit jump to Adult Swim. Bottoms up, sailor: MORE

Boxing legend Joe Louis gave body and soul to God and country. Did they repay the favor? MORE

Those in need of fictional war films with a message are scoping the wrong Oscar bait. Try the hard, fearsome truth of the Dark Side: MORE

Nirvana’s Son
Kurt Cobain: About a Son is out on DVD. Its peek into bipolar stardom is still hard to watch: MORE

Beat This!
Ike Turner has passed on. But Morphizm’s last interface with the funk maestro never will: MORE

She babysat Tom Waits’ kids, but can she sing and play? The answers lie within Jesca Hoop’s Kismet: MORE

Heart of Hell
A film about Daniel Pearl’s murder was rough enough. But starring Angelina? The plot thickens indeed: MORE

Good Machines
In these liner notes excerpts from his compilation Fuzzy Warbles, XTC architect Andy Partridge’s love of tech goes haywire: MORE

RIP, Prof
Kashmere pioneer Conrad Johnson has passed. But his upstart funk still lives on: MORE