Comedy Devastated by Obama Victory

[Brad Jacobson, Wounded Courier]
As the majority of Americans continue to bask in the glow of Barack Obama’s landslide victory on Tuesday, comedians nationwide have suddenly fallen on hard times. Some literally.

Widespread reports of comics leaping from windows on Election Night have received little attention in the press. Some historians liken the turn of events to [...]

A McCain Victory? Fat Chance!

[Tom McNichol, Morphizm]
The margin of Barack Obama’s electoral victory caught some pundits by surprise. But Obama’s win was ensured when McCain failed to connect with voters outside of his core constituents, the American obese. Compare the red/blue electoral map of the Obama-McCain contest with the eerily similar map charting obesity in the U.S.:

2008 Presidential Election [...]

It’s Over. At Last. Head High, America.

How McCain Could Win

[Greg Palast, Morphizm]
It’s November 5 and the nation is in shock. Media blame it on the “Bradley effect”: Americans supposedly turned into Klansmen inside the voting booth, and Barack Obama turned up with 6 million votes less than calculated from the exit polls. Florida came in for McCain and so did Indiana. Colorado, despite the [...]

Vote For Obama Because He\'s Black

[Greg Palast, Morphizm]
No question, Mr. Bruce was my favorite teacher in junior high.

I went to this Loser-ville school in the San Fernando Valley. It was all Chicano kids and working class white losers like me. Everyone had to take ‘metal shop’ so we could work the bottom-end jobs in the Chevy plant.

My brain was dying [...]

Holy Crap! I Lost The Election For Obama!

I’m so sorry, Barack. I had to take my kid to the doctor. And just because I didn’t vote doesn’t mean you had to go and let MoveOn make an attack ad about me. Really. That’s just going too far.

Keep Hope Alive. Literally.

The McCain-Palin ticket is dead in the water, sundered by its allegiance to the Bush administration’s disaster capitalism and foundering on a strategy basically designed to piss off rednecks and ignore everyone else. That’s not a winning blueprint, and thank the Big Bang for that. Rather, it’s political suicide and McCain and Palin’s careers [...]


I like to spread the love, especially when it comes to Mogwai. I chatted up the band for LA Weekly and Wired, because I just love them that much. The Scottish rock legend has been on Morphizm’s radar for over a decade now, burning a hole in our matrix. The quintet’s newest effort The Hawk [...]