Terror and Terraformation: Alan Moore

Image: Kristian Hammerstadt/Lex Records

What Is Precrime? Our Nationalist Pastime

Digital dragnets like Stellar Wind, PRISM and other psy-fi boondoggles have evidently not been surveilling enough of neither Us nor Them to predict or prevent terrorist attacks. [...]

Alan Moore: The Revolution Will Be Crowdfunded

“I’m remote from most technology to the point that I’m kind of Amish,” admits the legendarily bearded author without an Internet [...]

Alan Moore and Mitch Jenkins Kickstart Northampton Dream Noir

The visionary whose work has found its way from comics to blockbusters to Occupy to Anonymous launched a Kickstarter campaign to crowdfund and wrap Jimmy’s End, his indie film [...]

Wait, Did Before Watchmen Just Call Watchmen Terrible?

Alan Moore Joins the Occupy Fight

There are few things I love more than comics and social justice. One is the scoop, and another is a scoop about comics and social justice, starring one of the most insightful minds of this century and last. In the latter department, I recently posted an article at Wired on Alan Moore’s addition to Halo-8′s [...]

Alan Moore Takes On the 60s, Superheroes, American Power, the Bible and Why Lost Sucked

Frank Quitely’s portrait of Alan Moore is majestically haunting. Thank the Big Bang comics writer C.B. Cebulski took a picture of it.

What can I say? If you don’t know who Alan Moore is, you need to fucking visit Wikipedia, post-haste. Or look at the faces of the fed-up youth of Anonymous wearing Guy Fawkes masks, [...]

Patriot Acts: 10 Cool, Crazy Comics Nationalists

For those who don’t live in America, the Fourth of July is our annual celebration of pwning the British, and taking most of North America’s bountiful national resources for our own. We waves flags, set shit on fire and throw down for three straight days at beaches, pools, parties and malls.

And praise our national heroes, [...]

Anonymous Clowns Crooked Cybersecurity Loudmouths. So Who’s Next?

I’ve been following the sometimes merry digital pranksters of Anonymous for awhile now. But I was stoked when my AlterNet editor Jan Frel asked me to break down their genius undressing of Aaron Barr’s so-called cybersecurity outfit HBGary Federal and, by association, everyone from the Chamber of Commerce and powerhouse law firm Hunton & Williams [...]

Alan Moore Gives Watchmen the Gas Face

I had a hard time the night before rapping with visionary author Alan Moore. I wanted to talk mostly about Unearthing, his new multimedia box set with Mitch Jenkins, Doseone, Fog, Stuart from Mogwai, Mike Patton, Zach from Hella and other fine talents. Politics, technology, poetry, deep thoughts. But usually most people want to hear [...]

Alan Moore: Are You Ready For Post-Civ?

I ended 2009 with a literary bang, not a whimper. But after interviewing a brainiac like Alan Moore, I’m not sure I want to enter 2010. According to the legendary mind behind Watchmen, V For Vendetta and much more, this year is going to be the start of something truly weird: A journey into the [...]