What Is Precrime? Our Nationalist Pastime

Digital dragnets like Stellar Wind, PRISM and other psy-fi boondoggles have evidently not been surveilling enough of neither Us nor Them to predict or prevent terrorist attacks. [...]

Five Ways Elon Musk's Future Industries Could Change the World

Tesla Motors, SolarCity and more are already helping save us all from a cli-fi [...]

Here Comes Precrime!

I got a chatter request from HuffPost Live about the surveillance state — and how none of it so far works or is worth the money. [...]

Cancer's Cooked Books

Cancer annually kills millions of us, so like you I find it quite hard to ignore. And that is why I was ironically happy, existentially speaking, to investigate for AlterNet why a recent scientific study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition pretty much found cancer associated with almost everything we eat.

But [...]

Understanding Pinealophiles: Four Things You Should Know About Your Third Eye

For millennia, mystics and scientists have agreed that our pineal glands, snug in the center of our brains, are charged with power and meaning.

From cleansing us of disease and aligning our chronobiology to transforming us into drones and monsters, our third eyes, and their melatonin secretions, have been sleepwalking us from one revelation to the [...]

Does The Daily Show's Jon Stewart Cower Before Power?

I have an editor at AlterNet who routinely puts me on the controversial path. He’s unleashed me on autism, tasers and much more. This time around, he asked me to look into The Daily Show, which has snarked truth to power since last century but has nevertheless displayed an unfortunate pattern of bowing down to [...]

Soda Cancer Sucks, But Deal With It