A Tale of Two Trials: Bradley Manning and Robert Bales

Does The Daily Show's Jon Stewart Cower Before Power?

I have an editor at AlterNet who routinely puts me on the controversial path. He’s unleashed me on autism, tasers and much more. This time around, he asked me to look into The Daily Show, which has snarked truth to power since last century but has nevertheless displayed an unfortunate pattern of bowing down to [...]

Bushed Again: New Orleans, Mr. O and Mr. Go

[Greg Palast]
Five years ago this week, a beast drowned New Orleans. Don’t blame Katrina: the lady never, in fact, touched the city. The hurricane swept east of it. You want to know the name of the S.O.B. who attacked New Orleans? Locals call him “Mr. Go” – the Mississippi River-Gulf Outlet (MR-GO).

MR-GO was undoubtedly the [...]

Clusterfuck! Courting Convulsion

[Jim Kunstler, Clusterfuck Nation]
How infantile is American society? Last night’s CBS “Business Update” (in the midst of its “60 Minutes” program) featured three items: 1.) The New Moon teen vampire movie led the weekend box-office receipts; 2.) Cadbury shares hit an all-time high; 3.) Michael Jackson’s rhinestone-studded white glove sold at auction for $350,000. Some [...]

Clusterfuck! Dreams Die Hard

[Jim Kunstler, Clusterfuck Nation]
In The Long Emergency (2005, Atlantic Monthly Press), I said that we ought to expect the federal government to become increasingly impotent and ineffectual – that this would be a hallmark of the times. In fact, I said that any enterprise organized at the colossal scale would function poorly in years [...]

The Next Drowning of New Orleans

[Greg Palast, Morphizm]
Ivor van Heerden is the professor at Louisiana State University’s Hurricane Center who warned the levees of New Orleans were ready to blow — months and years before Katrina did the job. For being right, van Heerden was rewarded with … getting fired. But I’ve been in this investigating game long enough to [...]

Expert Who Predicted Levee Break Fired

[Greg Palast, Morphizm]
There’s another floater. Four years on, there’s another victim face down in the waters of Hurricane Katrina, Dr. Ivor van Heerden.

I don’t get to use the word “heroic” very often. Van Heerden is heroic. The Deputy Director of the Louisiana State University Hurricane Center, it was van Heerden who told me, on camera, [...]

Clusterfuck! Is Obama Gorbachev?

[Jim Kunstler, Clusterfuck Nation]
The eulogy for Walter Cronkite as “the most trusted man in America” on the CBS “Sixty Minutes” show said a lot about the condition of this nation — though it did not signify what CBS thought it did. It wasn’t about the death of one hugely esteemed individual; it was about [...]

Pushing Forward Back

[Viggo Mortensen, Perceval Press]
The White House wants to “look forward, not back”. That is the stated reason given (again) by President Obama’s Administration for not wishing to examine evidence that makes it unavoidably obvious even to U.S. Senate Democrats that Dick Cheney conspired to illegally keep certain C.I.A. counterterrorism activities secret from Congress.

This is [...]