Clusterfuck! Rehearsals For a Civil War

[Jim Kunstler, Clusterfuck Nation]
Amid the general incoherence of the Tea Party rebels and the failure of progressives to recognize the structural changes underway in a peak oil world, lies a deadly swamp of paradox where all parties may drown in the quicksand of their own muddled intentions.

Copenhagen: Seattle Grows Up

[Naomi Klein, The Nation]
The other day I received a pre-publication copy of The Battle of the Story of the Battle of Seattle, by David Solnit and Rebecca Solnit. It’s set to come out ten years after a historic coalition of activists shut down the World Trade Organization summit in Seattle, the spark that ignited a [...]

Clusterfuck! Hunky Dory

[Jim Kunstler, Clusterfuck Nation]
Whenever the herd mentality lines up along a compass point leading to “permanent prosperity,” or a yellow brick road lined with green shoots, or something like that, I tend to see the edge of a cliff up ahead. We are now completely in the grips of the deadly diminishing returns of information [...]

May Day! War On Terra: Terror and Terraformation in the 21st Century

One month from today, I’ll outline my first book on Morphizm. It will be written by the end of the year. I’ll add chapters online in mosaic form, so you can chart the progress and watch it all come together. Then I’ll bind and sell it. Might be cool.

The subject matter is far from cool. [...]

Sea Levels Rise, Survival Fails. Who Gets Saved, And Who Gets Left Behind?

While you’ve been flipping out on the econopocalypse and tripping on Obama or the batshit losers in the Republican Party, something terrible has been proceeding without fanfare. Ice shelves and glaciers are evaporating like Michael Jackson’s career, raising sea levels around the world and jacking up the climate.

The bad news? Coastal cities, which means [...]

Firestorms and Deep Freeze: Climate Change May Bring Both

Deniers love to point to butt-cold storms in the UK, America and elsewhere as evidence that global warming is a fraud. But they are so high, they deserve their own ionosphere. In fact, climate crisis will bring as much deep freeze as deadly wildfires. I explained it all for AlterNet yesterday, with the help of [...]

Show Obama The Money

[Scott Thill, Morphizm]
UPDATE: My fine fellow journos at the Huffington Post have syndicated this post there. Hop on, stir it up, spread the noise.

“This disaster is not set to happen in some science fiction future many years ahead, but in our lifetime,” Tony Blair warned shortly after acclaimed economist Sir Nicholas Stern calculated the costs [...]

There’s Plenty For Me At Plenty Magazine. Too Bad It’s All About Bad Enviro News.

During a time of occupational upheaval, I seem to have managed to escape the type of disaster that other journos have been subjected to. In fact, I’m working more and harder than ever, ironically enough, on disaster itself, in the form of global warming, or climate change, or enviro clusterfuck, or whatever you want to [...]

T. Boone Pickens’ Wind Plan Sucks Ass

OK, let’s catch up with my work on AlterNet, shall we? There’s this oil tycoon T. Boone Pickens who has been garnering fawning attention from the mainstream and green press, because he’s given up on funding Bush/Cheney and turned his attention to wind farms and natural gas. Fade to black. Film at 11.

If only reality [...]

Comix: Andy Singer\'s Microclimate Foreplay

An introduction. Comic artist Andy Singer is a pal of Morphizm’s, and hits us with comics all the time. We’ve talked before about the state of the world and visual art, and will again. Look for his panels to show up on the new Morphizm with regularity. This time around, Singer offers up twin visions [...]