The W-egacy

[Ross Levine, Morphizm]
I for one wish I could vote for George Bush on November 4 and give him a third term. (And why can’t I, given the myriad “revisions” to constitutional law that have already occurred under his presidency?) But before you have me committed, the reason I’d like to re-elect him is that [...]

For Sarah Palin, An Ode

[Dr. Nancy Gonchar, Morphizm]
From our Northern most region
Or so I’ve been told
Lives a popular woman
Who is very bold.

So bold is this woman
And this is no joke
She can spurn all the smart guys
To please her own folk.

She’ll change the whole country
She‘ll tell us all how
To change us by doing
Just what we [...]

AlterNet: Wall Street Meltdown = American Police State?

So the stock market tanked like Sarah Palin yesterday, wiping out a trillion in value and setting the stage for some serious disaster capitalism before Bush leaves office in January. That is, if he leaves office. If you think that he and Cheney are going to go gently into that good night, even if Congress [...]

Clusterfuck! The Ponzi-Plus Plan

[Jim Kunstler, Clusterfuck Nation]
To paraphrase the late and great old war-horse of the senate, Everett Dirkson of Illinois (1896 – 1969), a trillion here, a trillion there, sooner or later you’re talking about real money. Except in the case of the Great Bail-out of 2008, maybe it’s more like… sooner or later your money is [...]

President Phelps?

[Amy Bass, Morphizm]
There are apples, there are oranges, and then there is Michael Phelps.

Man, has this been bugging me. I tried to let it go. I let the Olympics end, let the Closing Ceremony comes to a close, and thought I would get over this. But I can’t. Because he is everywhere, in all of [...]

Infecting Nike, Intiating Obama: An Interview With Saul Williams

Saul Williams is an artist whose tentacles that reach into every sphere of entertainment. He’s a spoken-word wonder, an actor, a musician, an entertainment visionary and, most recently an accidental pitchman for Nike. It’s a curious move: Williams’ tune “List of Demands” is an anti-poverty anthem that blasts hyperconsumption and the human wreckage it leaves [...]

Chewing The Buddha: President Bush At The Olympics

[By Greg Palast, Photo: AP]
Lhasa, Tibet — China’s secret police are just terrible at keeping themselves secret. The detective, dressed in her business suit and pumps appropriate to urban Lhasa, did not expect to be trailing my wife and me up the steep hillside to a monastery 15,000 feet up an ice-crusted ridge. Even at [...]

UPDATE: Is This The End Of The Jews? An Interview With Adam Mansbach

UPDATE: Our pals at the Huffington Post has syndicated this fine interview. Stop over there and leave a comment or two. They love the love.

Adam Mansbach is a dude of many hats. A hip-hop poet that can recite histories old-school and new without missing a beat, especially in his acid satire Angry Black White Boy. [...]

The McCain Plan: Homer Simpson without the Donut

[By Greg Palast]
I’m guessing it was excessive exposure to either radiation or George Bush, but Senator John McCain’s comments from inside a nuclear power plant in Michigan are so cracked-brained that I fear some loose gamma rays are doing to McCain’s gray matter what they did to Homer Simpson’s.

Disneyraq: The Unhappiest Place on Earth

The following article you are about to read is true. I researched and wrote it for AlterNet, and it is real. It is costly, and it will cost much more than money once all is said and done. It is what Americans have left to give when nothing is left to give. It is the [...]

Are Fannie and Freddie Screwed? Bush Hopes So.

Greetings, Morphizm pals. Welcome to the new blog. It’s in the early stages, but should be sitting pretty by the end of the month. Speaking of the end, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. President Bush. America’s public debt doubled. Sound familiar? It will. I spiel further on the takedown for AlterNet:

AlterNet: Are Fannie and Freddie [...]