All Hail Sharon Jones, Unstoppable Soul Sister!

Although soul sister Sharon Jones is continually referred to as a throwback to a funkier 20th century, she’s here, now, and still fighting to bring more humanity (and less autotune) to our increasingly digital music. And we’re all the better for [...]

My Favorite Album Covers? Check With Filter

Hey pals, I’ve been reviewing muzak for Filter Magazine for awhile now. As usual, they ask me what my favorite this and that is for each issue. This time? Album covers. Check out my choices for best album covers ever at Filter’s site, and make sure to pick up a copy of the issue, out [...]

Tearing Down Walls With Trail of Dead

When I dig a band from jump street, I stay on board for awhile. So it has been with the awesomely named …And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead. Since it’s arty noise dropped in the late ’90s, I haven’t been able to stay away. So for the band’s latest effort The [...]

Get To Know Mercury Rev

February is here, so it’s time to wrap up the January sharing. I end with a profile of experimental rockers Mercury Rev for Filter Magazine. Sure, it went online on New Year’s Day, but it actually showed up in print before that. Tune weird, drop in, trip out.

I Apologize, Juana Molina, I Apologize

To be fair, I plugged Juana Molina’s brilliant sonic head-trip Un Dia more than once on Wired. But it is so incredibly addictive, months after it landed in 2008, that I just feel like I owe her more. Juana, look! I reviewed Un Dia for Filter Magazine. That counts for something, doesn’t it? Especially now [...]

<cite>The Prisoner</cite> Reboots the Panopticon

I spent last week chatting up actors Jim Caviezel, Ian McKellen and other principals behind the reboot of Patrick McGoohan’s culturally influential sci-fi allegory The Prisoner — and it was good. I’ve been researching McGoohan’s work for months now, steeped in both nostalgia and wonder. They don’t make them like they used to. That goes [...]

Love As Laughter Concocts <cite>Holy</cite> Rock

I’ve been interviewing and reviewing for Filter for a few months, and have finally caught up with that content. Recently, I reviewed Love as Laughter’s Holy for the righteous mag, which is almost as cool as Love as Laughter. Almost I say, because the band’s Sam Jayne has an ear for addictive rock, and a [...]