Geek The Beatles: LOVE's Guitar Gently Weeps

The re-staging of George Harrison’s iconic Beatles song for the 10th anniversary of The Beatles LOVE by Cirque du [...]

Ron Howard Geeks The Beatles

The director of Cocoon blossoms into a Fab Four [...]

Happy Birthday, Sir Paul McCartney!

Still taking a sad song and making it [...]

Who Is thenewno2? An All-Star Soundtracker

Tripping On John Lennon, Jesus Christ and Epigenetic Cloning With Jonathon Keats

[Here's the raw feed of my mindmeld with concept artist Jonathon Keats, whose yeast-based art cloning of Barack Obama and Lady Gaga is making cats mad at Wired. Check out the director's cut of that article here at Morphizm.]

Geek The Beatles: Paul McCartney Gets Technocultural With Digital Libraries, Wikileaks

Image courtesy MPL Comunications Ltd./M.J. Kim

This is the first part of my two-part Wired interview with that Beatles’ legend, solo dynamo and postmodern knight, Paul McCartney. It was an illuminating purposes, especially for my continuing series Geek The Beatles. From the first digital solo library, courtesy of Hewlett-Packard, and anti-corporate home recordings to electronic music [...]

Geek The Beatles: Paul McCartney Brings Tomorrow Never Knows Back to the Future

Paul McCartney is working on a new project utilizing vintage gear he once used to make tape loops for The Beatles’ landmark track “Tomorrow Never Knows.”

“I’ve dusted off the same two old machines that I used for ‘Tomorrow Never Knows,’” McCartney told me during a wide-ranging phone interview to be published soon by “We’re [...]

The Reboot’s the Thing: 10 Genre-Busting Shakespeare Remixes

Shakespeare transcends time and media, mostly because creatives can’t stop remixing his legendary language across time and media. Julie Taymor’s up next with The Tempest, starring the always captivating Helen Mirren. But she Taymor reboot the Bard better than she brought life to Spider-Man on Broadway, or geeked The Beatles in the lightweight Across the [...]

John Lennon’s Assassination Simulations

Believe it or not, John Lennon’s assassin Mark David Chapman was up for parole this year, one in which The Beatles’ founder, rebel spirit and uncompromising critic would have turned 70 in October. It happened in August, so I moved up this Wired essay from my forthcoming book Geek The Beatles to protest Chapman’s parole. [...]

John Lennon: Working Class Mythmaker

UPDATE: My pals over at the HuffPo have syndicated this mournful look back at the bravest Beatle.

It’s exceedingly hard to communicate the importance of a historical figure like John Lennon. The founder and most cerebral member of The Beatles, who settled on their band and brand name 50 years ago this August, would have celebrated [...]

Geek The Beatles: John Lennon Assassination Simulations (Abridged)

It wasn’t easy writing this piece, because the reality of John Lennon’s assassination is a heavier load than hyperreality of his simulations. After all, hyperreality’s job is to suck the bleeding life out of reality. Which is why simulations of John Lennon’s assassinations are proliferating across media, from films to comics to tabloid TV and [...]