What Will the Market for Renewable Energy Look Like in 2030?

Like many others, the International Renewable Energy Association has released a global road map to clean [...]

Terror and Terraformation: Alan Moore

Image: Kristian Hammerstadt/Lex Records

Bring Us the Jobs of Enviro Sellouts!

[This callout has been syndicated here on HuffPo.]

After America’s Veteran’s Day militarism hangover, I scanned what few trustworthy journalism outlets are left but still couldn’t avoid the headhunters. They were looking to scalp CBS supermodel Lara Logan and Washington Post fossil Richard Cohen for fucking up the low-hanging fruitcake of Benghazi and interracial marriage.

Which [...]

From Climate Hacker to Hero: An Interview With Tim DeChristopher

(Update: This interview has been syndicated at Bright Lights Film and HuffPo.)

An environmental idealist stops an illegal oil and gas auction by bidding for parcels he can’t possibly afford. Savaged by an exponentially accelerating climate crisis, a once-proud nation rewards him…by throwing him into a hole.

Along the vertiginous fall, he tumbles through a dystopia that [...]

Peak Oil and Climate Change Will Fully Suck. High-Speed Rail Can Help.

I recently revisited the War on Terra for AlterNet. This time, in a double-barreled breakdown of the national high-speed rail network gaining ground in America, which is still lamely to last century’s non-renewable resources like cheap gas, SUVs and easy credit.

Sorry suckers, it’s time to face the future of climate change and peak oil. If [...]

Syfy to Earth: Happy Fart Apocalypse!

Syfy is welcoming the War On Terra with a holiday disaster film about the silent but deadly methane apocalypse that could kill us all. I probed the stinky nether regions of climate-fiction — or cli-fi for jargon lovers — for Wired.

Global Patriots Posterize The War On Terra

Like it or not, the War on Terra is here to stay. The debate over its reality is redundant. The shape of its evolution is what matters. So I set forth for Wired with multimedia heavyweights like Shepard Fairey, DJ Spooky and more to remind you of its catastrophic possibility, through the medium of warm [...]

Climate Killers Line Up in Cali

California is leading the way out of the enviropocalypse with the Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006. Now a political bullet called Proposition 32 has been fashioned to kill it, thanks to billionaire fossil fools who don’t even live in Cali. See, politics is simple. I dissected the climate crisis for AlterNet.

Clusterfuck! Rehearsals For a Civil War

[Jim Kunstler, Clusterfuck Nation]
Amid the general incoherence of the Tea Party rebels and the failure of progressives to recognize the structural changes underway in a peak oil world, lies a deadly swamp of paradox where all parties may drown in the quicksand of their own muddled intentions.

What\'s Hydrogen Sulfide? A Nasty Way For Life On Earth to Die

People who don’t like bad news should probably never read any of my enviro writing for AlterNet. Because there’s nothing but bad news on the event horizon when it comes to climate change. And when I say bad, I mean, like, mass extinction bad. Of course, the problem is so large, and the ramifications so [...]

Firestorms and Deep Freeze: Climate Change May Bring Both

Deniers love to point to butt-cold storms in the UK, America and elsewhere as evidence that global warming is a fraud. But they are so high, they deserve their own ionosphere. In fact, climate crisis will bring as much deep freeze as deadly wildfires. I explained it all for AlterNet yesterday, with the help of [...]