The Best and Worst of DC Comics’ New 52

Billions of dollars change hands in the comics game, which now stretches from last century’s pamphlets and graphic novels to today’s immersive videogames and popcorn blockbusters. The venerable DC Comics changed that game last month with a sprawling reboot of its legendary hero and villain roster. But did its revolutionary relatability upgrade explore any undiscovered [...]

Grant Morrison’s Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne Is a Masterful Time-Wipe

No one mashes science, philosophy and superheroes as well as Grant Morrison. And his years-long run on Batman, the most iconic human superhero of all time, is an object lesson in how to make smart comics sell like cakes. So of course I reviewed Morrison’s Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne hardcover for Wired. It’s [...]

Best of 2010? Inception, Grant Morrison’s Batman, Sym-Bionic Titan, Warren Ellis’ Iron Man: Extremis

Some may hate them, but I love Best-Of lists. If only because they remind us that we wallow in tsunamis of hype on a daily basis for stuff that will be long forgotten after the year’s end, if not before. I compiled my favorites of 2010 for Wired, which happen to be challenging but accessible [...]

Give Thanks For These Culture Vultures

From the peerless Stephen Colbert to the fractal Grant Morrison, there were stellar reasons to celebrate 2009. I compiled a bunch for Wired over the holiday. Eat up!

After Watchmen, What’s Unfilmable?

Finally catching up with my Wired work for Morphizm. I’ve got so much backlog I don’t even know where to start. So I might as well start with the most popular. This list of five killer books and comics that may now inherit Watchmen‘s mantle as what Alan Moore called the most “unfilmable” texts around [...]

Comics Brainiac Grant Morrison Gets Deep On Superman, Batman, Brane Cosmology

Like Watchmen author Alan Moore before him, Grant Morrison is a cultural theorist whose reach and brilliance far exceeds his comics. So far, I’ve only had the honor of interviewing Moore, but finally got my chance to pick Morrison’s brain for Wired. Be warned: This post is not for lightweight readers. Ideas are dissected, from [...]