Bushed Again: New Orleans, Mr. O and Mr. Go

[Greg Palast]
Five years ago this week, a beast drowned New Orleans. Don’t blame Katrina: the lady never, in fact, touched the city. The hurricane swept east of it. You want to know the name of the S.O.B. who attacked New Orleans? Locals call him “Mr. Go” – the Mississippi River-Gulf Outlet (MR-GO).

MR-GO was undoubtedly the [...]

No Home Sweet Home: Five Years After Katrina

[Matt Pascarella]
Four years ago, on the one-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, I sat with Patricia Thomas. Greg Palast and I had just helped her break into her home in the Lafitte Projects. She had been locked out for a year. She showed us her former home, her belongings scattered everywhere, and wrestled out endless stories [...]

British Petroleum: Addicted to Spills

[Greg Palast]
With the Gulf Coast dying of oil poisoning, there’s no space in the press for British Petroleum’s latest spill, just this week: Over 100,000 gallons, at its Alaska pipeline operation. A hundred thousand used to be a lot. Still is.

On Tuesday, Pump Station 9, at Delta Junction on the 800-mile pipeline, busted. Thousands of [...]

Emperor Hickel: The Man Who Invented Alaska ... and Sarah Palin

[Greg Palast]
Wally Hickel invented Alaska and told me he regretted it. He also invented Sarah Palin, and I was hoping, when I travel to Alaska next month, to ask him whether he also regretted that second creation.
Hickel wanted to be President; of what nation, well, that changed. First, he wanted to be President of the [...]

Truly Creepy Details About Congressman Massa

[Greg Palast, BuzzFlash]
For the two weeks before tickle-and-grope charges busted open on him, and before his resignation from Congress, our BBC Television investigations team was hunting for Representative Eric Massa. We wanted to know what he had hidden in his drawers. Not his knickers, which have captivated America’s peep-show media, but Massa’s file drawers where [...]

Vuture Funds Savaged in Liberia

[Greg Palast, Guardian UK]
Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, the president of Liberia, is urging MPs to back a bill banning vulture funds from using British courts to prey on poor countries when it comes to a vote on Friday. Liberia lost a $20m (£13m) case in London last year against two so-called vultures. Such funds buy up [...]

Kvetcher in the Rye

[Greg Palast, Morphizm]
In the sixth grade, the Boys’ Vice-Principal threatened to suspend me from school unless I stopped carrying around The Catcher in the Rye I think because it had the word “fuck” in it. Since the Boys’ Vice-Principal hadn’t read the book — and I don’t think he’d ever read any book — he [...]

The Manchurian Candidates

[Greg Palast, Morphizm]
In today’s Supreme Court decision in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, the Court ruled that corporations should be treated the same as “natural persons”, i.e. humans. Well, in that case, expect the Supreme Court to next rule that Wal-Mart can run for President.

The Right Testicle of Hell: History of a Haitian Holocaust

[Greg Palast, Morphizm]
1. Bless the President for having rescue teams in the air almost immediately. That was President Olafur Grimsson of Iceland.

On Wednesday, the AP reported that the President of the United States promised, “The initial contingent of 2,000 Marines could be deployed to the quake-ravaged country within the next few days.”

“In a few [...]

Supremes OK Al Qaeda donation for Palin?

[Greg Palast, Morphizm]
I thought that headline would get your attention. And it’s true.

I’m biting my nails waiting for the Supreme Court’s ruling in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, which could come down as early as today. At issue: whether corporations, as “unnatural persons,” can make contributions to political campaigns.

The outcome is foregone: the five [...]

WTO Partying Like It’s 1999

[Greg Palast, Morphizm]
GENEVA — Apparently, one meltdown isn’t enough for the World Trade Organization. They meet today in Geneva on the tenth anniversary of the “Battle in Seattle,” the first mass protest against globalization.

In a special investigation for Air America’s Ring of Fire, I recently gained access to several documents from inside the file cabinets [...]