Here Comes Precrime!

I got a chatter request from HuffPost Live about the surveillance state — and how none of it so far works or is worth the money. [...]

Who Is thenewno2? An All-Star Soundtracker

From Madonna to Mogwai, Swervedriver's Resurgent Sonics Achieve Escape Velocity

From My Bloody Valentine’s recently announced reissues and rarities to the April release of Spiritualized’s new sonic spacewalk Sweet Heart Sweet Light, synesthetic rock is returning from orbit. But its best-kept secret still remains Swervedriver, whose muscular guitar atmospherics are also thankfully back in action, starting Monday night on Fallon.

After that, Swervedriver embarks on a [...]

Michael Bloomberg May Have His Own Army, But Has He Already Lost the War?

(Image courtesy Hrag Vartanian/Enzio & Nio)

[UPDATE: My pals at HuffPo have syndicated this article there.]

Elected mayor of New York City two months after 9/11, Michael Bloomberg has changed political affiliations three times in the last decade, made exponential billions by digitizing our lightspeed information economy, evolved beyond a person into an elite corporate personhood, and, [...]

We’ve Entered the Age of Mass Extinction

During my AlterNet article on climate change and global security, I had the luck of speaking again with University of Washington paleontologist and The Flooded Earth author Peter Ward. We both play basketball and we’re both scared shitless about global warming. The difference between us is that he’s been working his ass off for the [...]

Five Shamless Sci-Fi Oscar Robberies, Spearheaded By Avatar

UPDATE: This goofy roundup on Avatar‘s repurposed return has also been published by my pals at The Huffington Post and Bright Lights Film Journal. Stop by and mouth off.

Riding on the back of nine minutes of unseen footage, the special edition of James Cameron’s pioneering 3-D masterpiece Avatar returns to theaters Friday. But billions of [...]

KoldCast TV Teams Up With HuffPo In Search Of Online Television Future

Traditional television is desperately hanging onto a broken business model, until the inevitable online revolution comes and demands a legitimate entertainment migration to the internet. And when it does, original web programming will be there waiting for it, funded and dangerous.

“The internet is king, and there‚Äôs no going back,” argued David Samuels, CEO of television [...]

Show Obama The Money

[Scott Thill, Morphizm]
UPDATE: My fine fellow journos at the Huffington Post have syndicated this post there. Hop on, stir it up, spread the noise.

“This disaster is not set to happen in some science fiction future many years ahead, but in our lifetime,” Tony Blair warned shortly after acclaimed economist Sir Nicholas Stern calculated the costs [...]

Keep Hope Alive. Literally.

The McCain-Palin ticket is dead in the water, sundered by its allegiance to the Bush administration’s disaster capitalism and foundering on a strategy basically designed to piss off rednecks and ignore everyone else. That’s not a winning blueprint, and thank the Big Bang for that. Rather, it’s political suicide and McCain and Palin’s careers [...]

Infecting Nike, Intiating Obama: An Interview With Saul Williams

Saul Williams is an artist whose tentacles that reach into every sphere of entertainment. He’s a spoken-word wonder, an actor, a musician, an entertainment visionary and, most recently an accidental pitchman for Nike. It’s a curious move: Williams’ tune “List of Demands” is an anti-poverty anthem that blasts hyperconsumption and the human wreckage it leaves [...]