Bring Us the Jobs of Enviro Sellouts!

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After America’s Veteran’s Day militarism hangover, I scanned what few trustworthy journalism outlets are left but still couldn’t avoid the headhunters. They were looking to scalp CBS supermodel Lara Logan and Washington Post fossil Richard Cohen for fucking up the low-hanging fruitcake of Benghazi and interracial marriage.

Which [...]

With Finance, Expected the Unexpectedly

When it comes to the finance casino, expect the unexpected. And when it comes to the financial press that is committed to covering it, expect to hear the word “unexpectedly.” A lot. I broke the terminology down for AlterNet. It’s still broken.

Yellow Light Means Crash and Burn, Suckers

Sure, it’s a hyperbolic title, but the sentiment is real enough. As I reported for AlterNet today, cities across not just America but the world are shortening yellow lights in order to create more ticket revenue from suckered drivers running gamed red lights.

The simple civic problem is that those cities are creating more lethal [...]

<cite>New York Times</cite> Bites My Walkaway Rhyme

[Scott Thill, Morphizm]
Look, New York Times: You can pay me for my cultural and political insights. People already do. Seriously. Like when you posted that article today advising underwater homeowners to walk away from their worthless mortgages? Dude, I wrote that a year ago. And then this year. It’s common knowledge now, which is not [...]

Alan Moore: Are You Ready For Post-Civ?

I ended 2009 with a literary bang, not a whimper. But after interviewing a brainiac like Alan Moore, I’m not sure I want to enter 2010. According to the legendary mind behind Watchmen, V For Vendetta and much more, this year is going to be the start of something truly weird: A journey into the [...]

Metromixed! Built to Spill, Rakim, Dinosaur Jr., Gift of Gab, The Bravery

I finally wrangled some more of my musical content from 2009. Here are four of my Metromix reviews involving the smoothest rappers alive, a guitar army, and a dark dance-pop upstart. Some knocked it out of the park. Who fouled out?

Can Aspartame Kill You Dead? Uh, Maybe?

Well, let’s start wrapping up the stragglers from my year’s worth of content, shall we? Starting with this investigation of the sugar substitute aspartame, which can either kill you outright or help you lose weight, depending on who you ask. So I asked, for AlterNet, and the truth was sweetly ambiguous. What else is new? [...]