Arise, Bands From the 90s! Arise!

From the Cocteau Twins to Bowery Electric to the late, great Gravediggaz, we could really use some bands that were either born or broken in the 90s.

So I injected Metromix with a potent dose of the decade’s greatest noises. Here’s a sampler to sway your mind.

Cocteau Twins

(Photo:Bob Berg/Getty Images

Although this Scottish trio careened from stark [...]

Hail the Coolest Two-Person Bands On Earth

Evidently, sometimes it does take two to make things go right, as the song and its famous simulations once said. There aren’t too many memorable two-person bands in musical history, but I culled the best in a curious gallery. Here’s two for the road. Tune in, double up, rock out to rest of them at [...]

Best Concert Films Ever? Screen These Legends

On Apr. 30, Phish 3D hit theaters in a limited engagement, taking concert films into the multiple dimensions of the post-Avatar era. But Phish’s 2D predecessors still have a serious amount of pop-cultural clout.

From Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin to Jimi Hendrix (at right) and Dave Chappelle, they carry so much star power that [...]

Meet the New Soul Stirrers!

What’s the difference between nu-soul and old soul? Terminology of course!

Sharon Jones, at right, is proof of that thesis: She’s been around for awhile. It’s just us that have finally jumped back on the soul train.

With this in mind, Metromix and I came up with a list of kickass soul stars young and [...]

Invasion of the Cover Bands!

The Flaming Lips’ cover version of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon, out on vinyl in April and disc in May, and the band is even performing it in its entirety live in Central Park, the Bonnaroo Festival and various other venues this summer.

But they’re not about to quit their day job for [...]

In a Parallel Universe, These Songs Win Oscars

From righteous rockers like Prince’s “Purple Rain” and Tenacious D’s “Kickapoo” to riotous tracks like Monty Python’s “Always Look On the Bright Side of Life” to, yes, South Park‘s “Uncle Fucker,” these songs scored Academy Awards in another universe. I collected them all for Metromix recently, and it was fucking good.

Interview: Fishbone Ska Deep With The Beat

Lesson Up! Black History Month Revealed

African-Americans have contributed so much to popular music, it’s no wonder that many of them have never really received their proper due. February is Black History Month, so here’s a little musical history lesson: 15 visionary but under-appreciated black artists who have shaped our culture in immeasurable ways. Let’s appreciate them, shall we?

Interview: Nouvelle Vague Keep It Smooth

Led by Marc Collin and Olivier Libaux, French collective Nouvelle Vague have weirdly reiterated pop and rock classics through genre filters, hot chanteuses and all-star cameos. On their latest effort, “3,” which features a more country/Americana vibe than the group’s earlier bossa nova-tinged work, Depeche Mode’s Martin Gore sings “Master and Servant” and Echo and [...]

Metromixed! Built to Spill, Rakim, Dinosaur Jr., Gift of Gab, The Bravery

I finally wrangled some more of my musical content from 2009. Here are four of my Metromix reviews involving the smoothest rappers alive, a guitar army, and a dark dance-pop upstart. Some knocked it out of the park. Who fouled out?

The Black Keys’ Drummer Creates Band Called Drummer With Drummer Pals

One of the most fun interviews I’ve conducted recently was with a hung-over Patrick Carney, drummer for The Black Keys and architect of the new band called …Drummer! The good news? Drummer rocks, and The Black Keys are finishing up their next album. The bad news? Sleater-Kinney’s condoms can ruin your love life. Read on [...]