DJ Shadow's Mighty Mountain Will Fall

It is always worth mentioning new productions from one of the most prolific and influential DJs in [...]

I Will Stand 4 Prince. So Should You.

I'm going to stand by @PRINCE, who stood for art and beauty and sex and expression, long after the public's judgment

— Scott Thill (@morphizm) April 23, 2016


— Scott Thill (@morphizm) April 22, 2016

If our Dearly Beloved @Prince died of opioid overdose or [...]

Rest in Peace, Prince Among Aliens

— Scott Thill (@morphizm) April 22, 2016

Fuck our differences. If these thankfully human Aliens cannot bring us together, then Earth is without hope.

— Scott Thill (@morphizm) April 22, 2016

I am #transformed

— Prince (@prince) April 15, 2016

Revolutionary Patience: An Interview With Vashti Bunyan

Bunyan’s long journey and hushed paeans to family are existential lessons wrapped in three sonic [...]

DJ Shadow and the Future of Music

Time machine [...]

Wave Of Pixilation!

Pixies are still making great music, and I’m happy to still be listening and interviewing them about [...]

All Hail Sharon Jones, Unstoppable Soul Sister!

Although soul sister Sharon Jones is continually referred to as a throwback to a funkier 20th century, she’s here, now, and still fighting to bring more humanity (and less autotune) to our increasingly digital music. And we’re all the better for [...]

Life To The Pixies!

Unbowed, the Pixies’ reconstructed band, and brand, now soldiers ahead with street and market cred to spare. [...]

Happy Anniversary, Surfer Rosa!

Who Is thenewno2? An All-Star Soundtracker

From Madonna to Mogwai, Swervedriver's Resurgent Sonics Achieve Escape Velocity

From My Bloody Valentine’s recently announced reissues and rarities to the April release of Spiritualized’s new sonic spacewalk Sweet Heart Sweet Light, synesthetic rock is returning from orbit. But its best-kept secret still remains Swervedriver, whose muscular guitar atmospherics are also thankfully back in action, starting Monday night on Fallon.

After that, Swervedriver embarks on a [...]