Happy 50th Birthday, Revolver!

The Beatles’ ambitious classic clocks five revolutionary decade, as futuristic as [...]

Brett Netson's Caustic Resin Justly Resurfaces

I’ve spoken a few times with the unorthodox guitar hero Brett Netson, so I’m pretty stoked [...]

All Hail the Return of Autolux!

I’ve been writing about Autolux for years, and yet they always sound fresh to [...]

David Bowie Was a Gateway Drug

The Starman is immortalized by a few of the many he forever [...]

DJ Shadow's Mighty Mountain Will Fall

It is always worth mentioning new productions from one of the most prolific and influential DJs in [...]

I Will Stand 4 Prince. So Should You.

I'm going to stand by @PRINCE, who stood for art and beauty and sex and expression, long after the public's judgment pic.twitter.com/u6NlIo2TsK

— Scott Thill (@morphizm) April 23, 2016

Dear God: RECORD EVERYTHING pic.twitter.com/ifvajBOaRZ

— Scott Thill (@morphizm) April 22, 2016

If our Dearly Beloved @Prince died of opioid overdose or [...]

Rest in Peace, Prince Among Aliens


— Scott Thill (@morphizm) April 22, 2016

Fuck our differences. If these thankfully human Aliens cannot bring us together, then Earth is without hope. pic.twitter.com/sTk35RwBPO

— Scott Thill (@morphizm) April 22, 2016

I am #transformed

— Prince (@prince) April 15, 2016

Revolutionary Patience: An Interview With Vashti Bunyan

Bunyan’s long journey and hushed paeans to family are existential lessons wrapped in three sonic [...]

DJ Shadow and the Future of Music

Time machine [...]

Wave Of Pixilation!

Pixies are still making great music, and I’m happy to still be listening and interviewing them about [...]

All Hail Sharon Jones, Unstoppable Soul Sister!

Although soul sister Sharon Jones is continually referred to as a throwback to a funkier 20th century, she’s here, now, and still fighting to bring more humanity (and less autotune) to our increasingly digital music. And we’re all the better for [...]