How Solar-Powered Disaster Recovery is Helping in Nepal

A new global warming [...]

Obama’s Solar Initiatives Aim to Slash Emissions

The sunshine hits keep on coming for President Barack Obama’s [...]

A Tale of Two Trials: Bradley Manning and Robert Bales

Bushed Again: New Orleans, Mr. O and Mr. Go

[Greg Palast]
Five years ago this week, a beast drowned New Orleans. Don’t blame Katrina: the lady never, in fact, touched the city. The hurricane swept east of it. You want to know the name of the S.O.B. who attacked New Orleans? Locals call him “Mr. Go” – the Mississippi River-Gulf Outlet (MR-GO).

MR-GO was undoubtedly the [...]

Clusterfuck! A Still Moment

[Jim Kunstler, Clusterfuck Nation]
George W. Bush was onto something in the fall of 2008 when he remarked apropos of the Lehman collapse: “…this sucker could go down.”

It’s my serene conviction, by the way, that this sucker actually is going down, right now, even as I clatter away at the keys — perhaps in slow motion, [...]

Clusterfuck! Our Turn?

[Jim Kunstler, Clusterfuck Nation]
Nations go crazy. It’s terrifying when it happens, especially to a major nation with the ability to project its craziness outward. We look back on the psychotic break of Germany in 1933 and still wonder how the then-best-educated population in Europe could fall under the sway of a sociopathic political program. We [...]

Clusterfuck! Disasters Far and Near

[Jim Kunstler, Clusterfuck Nation]
As the disaster in Haiti moves into its “Katrina” phase of organizational chaos, relief effort failure, and public health calamity, the world will get another lesson in the dangers of techno-triumphalist posturing. American authority pretends to be in flawless control of a situation that by the minute crumbles into anarchy and death [...]