Soda Cancer Sucks, But Deal With It

Occupy Hip Hop, Starting With Jay-Z, Kanye

I grew up on hip hop in Long Beach during the ’70s and ’80s, and in Berkeley during the ’90s. Throughout that time, it was packed with party jams but also resolutely intent on speaking truth to power. Sure, it was shot through here and there with knuckleheads just trying to get ahead, but it [...]

Paying the Tolls: Private Roads, Public Robbery

Here’s a bankrupt idea: Lobby for private toll roads that supposedly ease traffic congestion, rather than public transportation systems designed to provide traffic alternatives. Then greatly overcharge to build said roads, and skim off profits as they go bankrupt and are sold back to the public for tidy sums. Not a bad racket if you [...]

Anonymous Clowns Crooked Cybersecurity Loudmouths. So Who’s Next?

I’ve been following the sometimes merry digital pranksters of Anonymous for awhile now. But I was stoked when my AlterNet editor Jan Frel asked me to break down their genius undressing of Aaron Barr’s so-called cybersecurity outfit HBGary Federal and, by association, everyone from the Chamber of Commerce and powerhouse law firm Hunton & Williams [...]

Microsoft’s Bill Gates Is Not a Great Teacher

America sniffs the global average when it comes education. And the last thing it needs is lame advice from Microsoft’s Bill Gates. But that’s what it’s getting, according to my recent article for AlterNet, whose smartass title comes from my excellent editor Jan Frel. Gates’ big idea? Increased class sizes, decreased teacher counts, fewer advanced [...]

The Shaving Racket

I’ll be totally honest with you. I never really thought much about the intricate working of the mundane razor industry. That is, until AlterNet asked me to look into it.

But having done so, I think it’s a cut-throat hyper-reality ripe for satire, and probably standing on its last economic legs. Which could be made of [...]

The World Bank Water Grab

While the myopic are still waking to the reality of peak oil, peak water remains a distant nightmare. But not for long, judging by the World Bank’s disastrous water privatization campaign, which has lately reared its ugly head in Eastern Europe.

Carly Fiorina = California Disaster

AlterNet asked me to heckle ex-HP CEO and itinerant ideologist Carly Fiorina before the November election, in hopes of shedding some light on why should we make California suck even more than it does with Arnold Schwarzenegger at the helm. But it wasn’t that hard, because she’s the opposite kind of everything the Golden State [...]

Dianne Feinstein Is Totally High

Senatorial fossil Dianne Feinstein is trying to get Proposition 19, which would legalize cannabis for personal use and cultivation, killed on sight. But her own record stands against her political crusading, which is a strategic alliance with the law enforcement and prison complex that keeps the jails filled with suckers jobbed for the same so-called [...]

Foreclosure House of Cards Implodes

I’ve been writing about the econopocalypse for years now, so news of robosigners executing thousands of baseless foreclosures on a conveyor belt to hell is not news to me. So this AlterNet article is for those who got caught with their pants down. Rejoice: The banksters were such witless pricks that they left a trail [...]

Chemical Catastrophe, Coming Right Up!

Chemical catastrophes begin at home. With sloppy oversight, bad engineering, tragic mistakes. We are literally our own nightmare when it comes to titanic explosions and spills. So why do we continue to walk the tightrope until it becomes a noose? I dug the dirty ditches for AlterNet.