Go Tell it on the Golf Course: The Conversion of Tiger Woods

[Amy Bass, Morphizm]
(or, How Charlie Sheen Once Shot his Fiancée and Lived to Become the Highest Paid Actor on Television)
I really felt that there was nothing left to say about Tiger Woods after Frank Rich’s brilliant piece in The New York Times several weeks ago. Apparently, Fox analyst Brit Hume disagrees. Now normally, I [...]

David Beckham: Hollow Man?

[Amy Bass, Morphizm
So here’s what I said to Alexi Lalas after reading Grant Wahl’s book, The Beckham Experiment: How the World’s Most Famous Athlete Tried to Conquer America. When it becomes a major motion picture, a ginger-headed Russell Crowe would play him.

“Really?” he asked. “Russell Crowe plays me?” I nodded. He smiled. (And seriously, [...]

A-Rod and Phelps: A Tale Of Two Drugs

[Amy Bass, Morphizm]
Let’s just get this first part out of the way: I hate Alex Rodriguez. Always have. It’s partially a Red Sox fan thing, and partially a, well, I hate Alex Rodriguez thing. Getting out of bed in the morning for the last week or so has been pure joy, [...]


Here come the holidays! I’ve already been given a gift: I finished a huge chunk of my forthcoming tome JingoSport! It examines war, sports, marketing and entertainment through the looking glass. Speaking of, I yield the floor to the infamous Kellen Winslow Jr., whose 2003 outburst hilariously exemplifies what JingoSport! is all about:

Bears Beat Ducks!

I know Stephen Colbert and Wall Street may hate them, but I went to UC Berkeley. I love Bears.

Mine beat Oregon’s Ducks today and a sloppy field ravaged by global warming’s blitzkgrieg storms. And it was ugly. But I’ll take ugly over losing any day. You’re next, USC! And I want you later, Texas. [...]

Barkley Rips Polls, Runs For Governor

[Scott Thill, Morphizm]
When he was a NBA superstar and MVP, Charles Barkley could always be counted on for awesome sound bites. As an analyst, he’s been paid to basically say whatever he wants on TV, and it’s usually a hoot or a gaffe. Imagine what he’ll be like as governor of Alabama?

On Monday, the former [...]

President Phelps?

[Amy Bass, Morphizm]
There are apples, there are oranges, and then there is Michael Phelps.

Man, has this been bugging me. I tried to let it go. I let the Olympics end, let the Closing Ceremony comes to a close, and thought I would get over this. But I can’t. Because he is everywhere, in all of [...]