What The Force? Disney Can Protect Star Wars, Says Fandom, George Lucas

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Chronicles Life During Terrorized Cartoon Wartime

Here’s what’s weird.

One of pop culture’s most accessible entry points for understanding our last decade of War on Terror is a presumable kids’ cartoon from George Lucas’ Star Wars universe.

But whether you like it or not, and whether you’re young or you’re old, The Clone Wars‘ eye-popping CGI animated series is seriously infested with [...]

Smartass Artist Sucklord’s Asshole Exhibit Debases Star Wars, Fine Art

Writing about culture for Wired means having to write about anything related to Star Wars. But I like to freak that stream a bit and look for those who are perverting it to their own ends. Enter Sucklord, and his new exhibit You’re An Asshole For Buying This.

Robot Chicken High-Fives Evil Emperor Palpatine in Final Star Wars Spoof

Adult Swim’s pop-cult spoof machine Robot Chicken has been launching dedicated lampoons at the sprawling Star Wars universe. The last arrives Sunday night in the form of Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode III, and it’s a scruffy, Nerf-herdering riot. I talked to head Chicken about sympathizing the Star Wars biggest asshole Emperor Palpatine, Boba Fett’s [...]

Genndy Tartakovky Powers Up Sym-Bionic Titan

For animation and anime lovers, Genndy Tartakovksy is toon royalty. He’s made crossover kids’ stuff Dexter’s Laboratory and The Power Puff Girls, and more mature essentials like the award-winning Samurai Jack and Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Now he’s back at last after years working on films like Iron Man 2 with a whole new [...]

Five Shamless Sci-Fi Oscar Robberies, Spearheaded By Avatar

UPDATE: This goofy roundup on Avatar‘s repurposed return has also been published by my pals at The Huffington Post and Bright Lights Film Journal. Stop by and mouth off.

Riding on the back of nine minutes of unseen footage, the special edition of James Cameron’s pioneering 3-D masterpiece Avatar returns to theaters Friday. But billions of [...]

Darth Vader Feeds Your Head

Stars Wars is no longer the haven of geeks who like to pretend they’re space-faring saviors. It’s gone viral for decades as a pop-culture cipher begging to be filled in by its fans, and their varied sensibilities. Which is why The Vader Project kicks so much ass, and why I built a gallery about it [...]

The Boba Fett Secret? Staying Power

Ever since he bedeviled The Empire Strikes Back, the small-time bounty hunter Boba Fett has nevertheless since bent the entire Star Wars multiverse to his will. But why? I asked the tough questions at Wired and got an eyeful from Star Wars fandom.