The Squirrel King Aims For All-Ages Transmedia Artcraft

In our hypermediated millennium, it’s often (way) too easy to watch rather than make. The Squirrel King wants you to do [...]

Does The Daily Show's Jon Stewart Cower Before Power?

I have an editor at AlterNet who routinely puts me on the controversial path. He’s unleashed me on autism, tasers and much more. This time around, he asked me to look into The Daily Show, which has snarked truth to power since last century but has nevertheless displayed an unfortunate pattern of bowing down to [...]

We Really Need To Go Where Star Trek: The Next Generation Has Gone Before

Newest, Youngest Doctor Who Matt Smith Metamorphs Into Comics

I’m an old-school Doctor Who fan, who’s always loved its subversive sci-fi on television and in comics. The latest Time Lord is Matt Smith, who’s a hoot, who’s finally getting his comic-book close-up this month. I probed Doctor Who comics brainiac Tony Lee for details, for Wired.

Merlin‘s Magical Sci-Fantasy Catches Fire

One of my guilty television pleasures is the BBC’s reboot Merlin, which mashes Arthurian legend through the teen soap trope with surprisingly funny and rewarding results. I took the opportunity to chat up its chief wizard Colin Morgan for Wired as Merlin‘s satisfying third season finally crossed the pond and its collected second season hit [...]

Genndy Tartakovky Powers Up Sym-Bionic Titan

For animation and anime lovers, Genndy Tartakovksy is toon royalty. He’s made crossover kids’ stuff Dexter’s Laboratory and The Power Puff Girls, and more mature essentials like the award-winning Samurai Jack and Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Now he’s back at last after years working on films like Iron Man 2 with a whole new [...]

The Last Airbender Blows Controversial

M. Night Shyamalan’s cinematic compression of Nickelodeon’s stunning animated series Avatar: The Last Airbender has serious fandom boots to fill. And it needs much more time to fill them.

Like the Fire Nation’s obsessive, disgraced Prince Zuko, Shyamalan’s The Last Airbender, the first installment in a planned film trilogy, could use more patience and less tortured [...]

Reboot of Patrick McGoohan\'s Spy-Fi Hit The Prisoner Stripped of Sci-Fi

Time is too short to explain here why I loved Patrick McGoohan’s influential series The Prisoner. Instead, Wired paid me to pontificate about it, starting with AMC’s ambitious reboot starring Sir Ian McKellen and Jim Caviezel. Might as well bring the worst news first:

What’s So Funny About The Super Truth?

Talk about surprises.

Wired asks me to write a story about the suicide of George Reeves, the actor who played — and was typecast in the role of — Superman throughout the 1950s. Figuring it’s about his death, rather than his birth, I set forth to chronicle his strange fate and the murky elements of [...]

Wired Dump! Batman, Colbert, Robot Chicken, Stickman Exodus

My mind is wiped after a frenetic week spend on the content treadmill. On Friday alone, I tackled the fine programs in the subject line above. So I’ve decided to start a daily feature called the Wired Dump, wherein I offload part of my workday onto you, fine reader. Thank you for being so strong, [...]

Wolverine Celebrates 35th Anniversary With Art, Animation, Controversy

Whether he’s mashed through the art filters of Dali, Warhol or that dude who painted the dogs playing poker or kicking much ass on the new animated series Wolverine and the X-Men and an upcoming standalone blockbuster film called X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Wolverine is getting the deluxe treatment for his 35th anniversary. So where’s the [...]