Bring Us the Jobs of Enviro Sellouts!

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After America’s Veteran’s Day militarism hangover, I scanned what few trustworthy journalism outlets are left but still couldn’t avoid the headhunters. They were looking to scalp CBS supermodel Lara Logan and Washington Post fossil Richard Cohen for fucking up the low-hanging fruitcake of Benghazi and interracial marriage.

Which [...]

Nuclear Cinema: 10 Prescient Meltdowns

A year ago, the geothermal-rich Japan suffered an utterly predictable earthquake, tsunami and nuclear nightmare that is still currently unfurling in terrible ways. The more we know about what happened, one pattern becomes utterly clear: We should have known more about what was happening, as it happened, but were prevented by those whose culpability in [...]

Sorry, But Bird Flu Bioterrorism Is Much Harder Than It Sounds

Image courtesy Cybercobra/Wikipedia

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Information wants to be free, the aphorism goes, especially when it comes to science. But when it comes to explaining how a lethally airborne avian influenza pandemic transmits among humans, freed information evidently crosses [...]

Welcome to Population Overload

Aptly on Halloween, Earth welcomed its seven-billionth soul. You’d think that it would be hard to spin this alarming factoid into a positive, what with all the resource wars, class divides and occupation insurgencies raging across our singular planet. But you’d be wrong: Some eggheads have pointed to the benchmark as a triumph of science [...]

Paying the Tolls: Private Roads, Public Robbery

Here’s a bankrupt idea: Lobby for private toll roads that supposedly ease traffic congestion, rather than public transportation systems designed to provide traffic alternatives. Then greatly overcharge to build said roads, and skim off profits as they go bankrupt and are sold back to the public for tidy sums. Not a bad racket if you [...]

We’ve Entered the Age of Mass Extinction

During my AlterNet article on climate change and global security, I had the luck of speaking again with University of Washington paleontologist and The Flooded Earth author Peter Ward. We both play basketball and we’re both scared shitless about global warming. The difference between us is that he’s been working his ass off for the [...]

Alan Moore Takes On the 60s, Superheroes, American Power, the Bible and Why Lost Sucked

Frank Quitely’s portrait of Alan Moore is majestically haunting. Thank the Big Bang comics writer C.B. Cebulski took a picture of it.

What can I say? If you don’t know who Alan Moore is, you need to fucking visit Wikipedia, post-haste. Or look at the faces of the fed-up youth of Anonymous wearing Guy Fawkes masks, [...]

Moby Makes Sense of Destroyed Media

Moby has been making music across media and genre for over three decades now. Which means he’s watched genres bleed into each other, technology kill the music industry as we knew it, the internet rebuild the music industry as we’ll know it, and how a conscientious artist must work if s/he’s going to survive the [...]

Anonymous Clowns Crooked Cybersecurity Loudmouths. So Who’s Next?

I’ve been following the sometimes merry digital pranksters of Anonymous for awhile now. But I was stoked when my AlterNet editor Jan Frel asked me to break down their genius undressing of Aaron Barr’s so-called cybersecurity outfit HBGary Federal and, by association, everyone from the Chamber of Commerce and powerhouse law firm Hunton & Williams [...]

Peak Oil and Climate Change Will Fully Suck. High-Speed Rail Can Help.

I recently revisited the War on Terra for AlterNet. This time, in a double-barreled breakdown of the national high-speed rail network gaining ground in America, which is still lamely to last century’s non-renewable resources like cheap gas, SUVs and easy credit.

Sorry suckers, it’s time to face the future of climate change and peak oil. If [...]

Syfy to Earth: Happy Fart Apocalypse!

Syfy is welcoming the War On Terra with a holiday disaster film about the silent but deadly methane apocalypse that could kill us all. I probed the stinky nether regions of climate-fiction — or cli-fi for jargon lovers — for Wired.