Neil Gaiman (Finally) Gets His Biopic

Neil Gaiman is also one of the nicest people on [...]

Happy Anniversary, Surfer Rosa!

We Really Need To Go Where Star Trek: The Next Generation Has Gone Before

Tripping On John Lennon, Jesus Christ and Epigenetic Cloning With Jonathon Keats

[Here's the raw feed of my mindmeld with concept artist Jonathon Keats, whose yeast-based art cloning of Barack Obama and Lady Gaga is making cats mad at Wired. Check out the director's cut of that article here at Morphizm.]

Batman Believes In Gun Control. So Should We.

(NOTE: This is Friday night’s final draft, written after the horror in Colorado, which followed the death of a friend Thursday in California. It was an emotional process, so I wanted to post it here for posterity. My streamlined Bat philosophy appears on Wired.)

Anyone who knows anything about Batman knows that his parents were gunned [...]

Alan Moore Joins the Occupy Fight

There are few things I love more than comics and social justice. One is the scoop, and another is a scoop about comics and social justice, starring one of the most insightful minds of this century and last. In the latter department, I recently posted an article at Wired on Alan Moore’s addition to Halo-8′s [...]

An Open Love Letter to My Bloody Valentine’s Loveless

It’s hard to believe that My Bloody Valentine’s epochal Loveless debuted 20 years ago today. It’s an unhappy birthday, however. Let’s be honest: There hasn’t been a single album released since Loveless that has been as singular, riveting or identifiable. Disagree? Bring it. Please.

Kevin Shields’ obsessive ingenuity has mythically grown ever since, as those influenced [...]

The Best and Worst of DC Comics’ New 52

Billions of dollars change hands in the comics game, which now stretches from last century’s pamphlets and graphic novels to today’s immersive videogames and popcorn blockbusters. The venerable DC Comics changed that game last month with a sprawling reboot of its legendary hero and villain roster. But did its revolutionary relatability upgrade explore any undiscovered [...]

Nine Twilight Zone Classics Needing Blockbuster Upgrades

Hollywood is turning into a serious culture vulture scavenging off of existing properties, whose box-office is logically positioned better than films with no previous franchises. It’s a double-edged sword. For every successful Lord of the Rings crossover, there are probably five or more films like Real Steel, which is based on “Steel,” one of the [...]

Paul Cornell, DC Comics Sci-Fantasy Brainiac

Lately, I’ve been following the sharp constructions popping out of Paul Cornell’s comics brain. He’s a scribe for the Doctor Who multiverse, but he’s also the mind behind recently invigorating releases like Superman: The Black Ring.

Most importantly, he’s manned two series from DC Comics’ much-hyped but unambitious New 52 reboots: Demon Knights and Stormwatch, both [...]

Alan Moore Takes On the 60s, Superheroes, American Power, the Bible and Why Lost Sucked

Frank Quitely’s portrait of Alan Moore is majestically haunting. Thank the Big Bang comics writer C.B. Cebulski took a picture of it.

What can I say? If you don’t know who Alan Moore is, you need to fucking visit Wikipedia, post-haste. Or look at the faces of the fed-up youth of Anonymous wearing Guy Fawkes masks, [...]