Greetings, Earthlings! I am and have been a writer, journo, code monkey and more for Wired, AlterNet, Filter Magazine, Huffington Post and many more. Much of my work for them is repurposed on Morphizm — which I launched on Fourth of July 2001 to analyze our hyperreal creep into the 21st century — alongside longer and more in-depth original articles from myself and other writers.

For those keeping score, I have written since then for Salon, The Nation, AOL, Filter, LA Weekly, The Guardian UK, Punk Planet, Popmatters and others I will have to remember. I’m currently at work on a couple books, a couple comics, a couple albums, a couple films and other stuff futurists like to do in their spare time. When they have spare time. There’s a war on terra on!

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If you would like to contribute to Morphizm, send an email and links to your work to writers[at] If you would like to submit material, products or artists for coverage for Morphizm or any of my other clients, send an email to inquire[at] If you’d like me to work for or with you in some capacity , please send me an email to gigs[at] I’m down for the cause, especially if the cause can save us from ourselves.